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At Indiana Pallet Co., we sell and recycle used and brand new wood pallets and skids. With 7 years of experience, we have a sawmill on site and generate about 5 tons of sawdust a week that we can sell to you for a variety of uses. We'll also fill your orders for lumber in any size and measure. Call us today for more information. 

We manufacture our new pallets on site using top quality lumber from our own saw-mill. In addition to standard sizes we also specialize in custom sizes and styles. Just let us know your specific needs on shipping and packaging. Call one of our representatives today.



Our remanufactured pallets are a cost saving alternative to new pallets. Using a combination of new and reclaimed material we make these pallets for your specific sizes and lumber requirements. Call our representatives to discuss your shipping needs



We recycle thousands of pallets each week. All pallets are repaired in accordance with the top quality standards. Request your quote today.



Indiana Pallet Co. is a certified heat treatment facility. Call one of our representatives today to get pricing on your heat treatment requirements.



We have our own saw-mill on site. Our lumber is top quality and can be cut in different sizes and styles. Call our representatives to get a quote according to your needs.



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